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Lunascape is fully customizable and has a wide variety of features.
Lunascape is already used by millions of users in Japan, and becomes now available in English. Discover why Lunascape is supported by so much people!
Multi-tab browsing is a technology that permits to have several pages opened in the same window,separated in tabs. This way, you can switch quickly and naturally between the pages you are viewing without opening any additional window. Lunascape can open up to 100 tabs!
IE/Gecko Engine Switching - See the Web with 2 eyes!
Lunascape is the first browser in the world that contains both Internet Explorer and Gecko(Firefox) engines, and support most of IE toolbars, plug-ins or extensions. You think that "Gecko is faster and safer"? Or you think "IE is more universal"? Lunascape is both!
Built-in RSS Reader and Ticker - Get News and Blog info at anytime
Want to subscribe to a RSS feed? Just drag&drop it in your Favorites(Bookmarks) and Lunascape will provide you the last news automatically.
Provides you News and blogs daily. Just like looking at an electrical bulletin board, RSS ticker displays News one after another. Drag & drop is the only step you have to take to register new RSS.
InfoView-Speed-up RSS and Blog reading
InfoView mode dramatically increases efficiency of RSS news and blogs reading. You don't have to visit to the site each time to get information.
Plug-in(Add-on)s - Quick Customize, with variety of plug-ins
Lunascape is the first browser to support multiple sidebar plug-ins(add-ons) for Internet Explorer at the same time. Lunascape itself has more than 100 functions implemented, but it also supports Internet Explorer toolbars plugins for people who are used to. Lunascape also uses Gecko Engine, so it supports some of Firefox, Netscape or Mozilla extensions and plug-ins.
Setting Bar and Search Bar - Easy Settings!
Lunascape contains a Setting Bar, which is the tool that makes easier the management of Favorites, Design, Switching, etc. You can add your own settings by drag & dropping items into the Setting Tree.
One step search!
Lunascape contains various search engines from the beginning, so you can perform a Web search easily.
Type desired keyword in the search bar, choose your search engine, and hit enter.
Design Function - Various designs, easy switching!
Lunascape produces high quality Skins that can be installed very quickly and easily. When installing a new Skin, only the appearence of the browser will change; Speed and features remain the same.
Security - High Security Management
In Lunascape, you can turn off images, videos, scripts, Java, ActiveX and all sort of web functionalities that may be dangerous for non-experimented users. All those security settings can be setup for each of your Favorites
Favorites - A revolution in the Favorites
Have you ever thought that Internet Explorer Favorites are not convenient to use? Lunascape has been evaluated as one of the browsers that have the most useful Favorites organizing system. For each Favorite, you can setup a security level, add comments, choose color, etc.
Auto-sorting by use frequencyFavorites you use the most will display automatically on top of the list
RSS real-time display
Without opening the corresponding page, news, blogs, etc. recorded in your Favorites will be automatically updated in real-time as RSS feeds. Title of the Favorites also are updated! (RSS, Podcasts are supported)
Auto Blocking of Popup ads - No more Popups!
In Lunascape, you can block popup ads that disrupt your Web browsing. You can also, of course, allow some sites to display popups by specifying their URL.
Choose "Block Popup" from "Security" menu
Auto Login Function - Can't remember IDs and passwords anymore
Having hard time remembering your IDs and passwords? By using RoboForm toolbar, you don't have to type in IDs and passwords each time. The system will fill them in automatically by just one click.
Install RoboForm from "Extension" in "Tool bar" menu
Switching Proxy
Lunascape provides a very useful function to switch between proxies very easily. Add proxy by drag&dropping it into your Setting Tree, on Setting Bar, and select the proxy that you want to use.
Efficient Web Surfing
Other than those on above, Lunascape has hundreds of functions that raise efficiency of Web surfing.
Easy Web surfing with Mouse Gesture
Mouse Gesture is a technology that permits you to drive most of Lunascape commands with your mouse. When surfing on the web, just click the Right button of your mouse, and while holding the right-click, move your mouse in one of the following directions : left, right, up, down, or a combination of these directions. Then, when you release the right button, a command that corresponds to the combination you have done will be executed.

Updated: 05/26/2017 (Submitted: 11/28/2008)
Operating system: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10
Interface language: Multilingual
License type: FreeWare
Downloads today: 0
Downloads in the past 7 days: 4
Downloads total: 24,436

Author: Lunascape

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Boss (2009-01-20)
Thx for the information. The Lunascpe browser score 100% acid 3 test using webkit layout engine. Fastest browser on the planet using gecko layout engine. But still my favourite and main browser will be Opera because of the features(Notes,sessions)

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