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Handy Backup Standard 7.9.6
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Handy Backup is a powerful award-winning automatic backup software for Windows 10/8/7/Vista and 2012/2008 Server. The utility supports the widest range of storage media and can back up data to USB, HDD, NAS, FTP/SFTP/FTPS and cloud storages. Can perform full, incremental and differential backup, synchronize files and folders; has presets to backup Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, E-mail, System Registry, My Documents, Favorites, Desktop, as well as data and settings of other popular applications. Comprehensible Wizard-based user interface provides easy step-by-step adjustment of backup tasks through the use of numerous backup options that include on-the-fly Zip64 compression, 128-bit blowfish encryption, pre- and post- actions, backup with timestamps, etc. The program is very flexible in scheduling and administering: it can run as Windows service, supports command line interface, e-mail notification and logs generation. In addition to the core functionality Handy Backup Standard can be supplemented with advanced plug-ins: Backup to SFTP, MS Exchange Server Backup, MSSQL Server backup, ODBC Database Backup, Lotus Notes/Domino Backup, IBM DB2 Backup, Oracle Backup; and perform image backup - complete PC backup through creation of drive image with all data and system records. Handy Backup is proven to have superior performance and carries Microsoft's "Certified for with Windows Vista", "Compatible with Windows 7", "Works with Windows Server 2008" logos which guarantee that the application satisfies all requirements of availability, reliability, security, and supportability.

Updated: 11/14/2017 (Submitted: 12/21/2012)
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Interface language: Multilingual
License type: ShareWare
Price: 800.00 Руб.
Downloads today: 0
Downloads in the past 7 days: 12
Downloads total: 1,711

Author: Новософт

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Screenshot Handy Backup Standard 7.9.6

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